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The Power Friday Webinar: Execution Mindset &
Foundations Mastermind

This webinar will teach you everything you need to know and to start your journey to an Execution Mindset. It also gives you access to our exclusive invite-only online Mastermind community. Don't miss it!

Here is what
You will learn

  • Know the Execution Mindset Foundations
  • Hear how to you can become stronger than ever before
  • Learn how to focus on happiness & confidence
  • Plus: Real examples and best practice blueprints
  • Plus: Actionable tools to develop an Execution Mindset
  • Plus: How to start creating your ideas immediately
  • Plus: Exclusive invite to our online mastermind group!

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We meet every 1st Friday each month.

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Your Webinar Host, Berny

Berny is speaker, coach and adviser at Astromerge. He supports organizations engaging in space projects and helps top talent launching a space business or career. Four years ago Berny created the OneGoalStrategy and the Upshift Personal Power Journal, to guide high performer tracking their progress and achieving goals faster.

He strongly believes in a human future in space and that supporting entrepreneurs will pave the way faster. He is obsessed with personal development and in challenging the status quo.