My Name is Berny Weiss

I help you to build a strong Execution Mindset.

Interested to hear more about the Execution Mindset foundations and how to build them?

My Name is Berny and I help high-performing individuals executing ideas faster.

I do this with a holistic and powerful approach that follows 3 simple steps that help to overcome old believes and to develop a strong execution mindset. Many of my clients see results during the first call and you too will be able to achieve your goals quicker. An additional online course is be available soon.

Why work with Me?

Over the last 16 plus years I worked with and trained high-performers, sales professionals, and leadership teams (out of 21 years professional experience in various roles). During that time, I had the great honor to work alongside some of the very best. Astronauts, CEO's, entrepreneurs as well as execptional students and graduates. With an extensive background in Computer Science, Law, Marketing, and Business and Advanced certificates as a "One Goal Strategy" Master Level Coach and "Execution and Progress Tracking" Level 4, my approach will help to guide you in all personal, relationship, and professional development questions. In any case, it will give you a new perspective and enable you to reach a new edge in your life. Sounds interesting? Then consider working with me.

Here is what you will get:

  • My 100% attention and availabillity.
  • We work together pro-actively to determine your life goals and understand what holds you back. From there you create a list of your individual success factors.
  • We create and deploy multiple strategies and massive actions to transform your ideas and success factors into an actionable life map with a clear view on goals.
  • We prepare and execute goal setting and progress tracking methods based on the One Goal Strategy and advanced progress tracking methods.

Don't wait, let's talk!

To work with me, We need to Talk first:

I love coaching. I love guiding and see people reaching new and unknown hights. But coaching is a high sensitive area and trust is very important. This is why we start with a max 30 min discovery call, where we can get to know each other better and see how we can work together in the best possible way to achieve what you are looking for. In this call we can talk about:

  1. Your vison and life goals, do you have them?
  2. Your mechanics; how do you work on your goals?
  3. What does it mean to have an Execution Mindset and why it can help you too?
  4. What are the Foundations of an Execution Mindset?
  5. The 3 Steps to develop an Execution Mindset.
  6. How to start executing more?

An idea without an execution strategy is worth nothing. Over the last 15 years, I created a simple blueprint with easy to follow steps to set goals and track progress. Applying the One Goal Stratgey will enable you to achieve everything, one goal at the time.”

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